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The Riptide Movement

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The Riptide Movement at The Academy

#9 April brought a gig with a sense of huge excitement – The Riptide Movement Album launch in the Academy. Their sense of joy at selling out such a big venue was palpable and the crowd were similarly joyous.

TRM have spent years polishing their sound on Grafton Street and are now a seriously tight bunch of musicians who engage with their audience and are nigh on pitch perfect every time I see them.

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Dakota 66 at the Academy

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Electric Six

November 2011 022

# 25 – This gig was a nice present – quite literally. I was given tickets to see Electric Six by KC from Today FM (thanks KC!) and was hugely impressed. From very fetching daddy dancing to press ups on stage via random “Irish” stories, their set was just brilliant and I was quite ashamed to admit to myself that I really only knew “High Voltage”! This has since been rectified and I’ve added more of their material to my playlist!

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November 2011 018

# 24 – There were two trips to the Academy in November – the first one for Royseven supported by Bipolar Empire. This was my second time seeing Royseven and third time seeing Bipolar Empire. Royseven were clinically good, but had a much less exciting atmosphere than when I had seen them in Sea Sessions, while Bipolar Empire were impressive as usual!

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#4 – So by early February, I was onto gig number four and realising that my initial target of twelve in the year was likely to be far surpassed. The epic Hurts played The Academy and Theo’s soaring vocals felt like they should be in a place far grander than the Abbey Street venue. I love their sound, their story and their style, and the show transported me back to a time far beyond my own when gigs were more aesthetically beautiful than many of them are now.

One of their lyrics has become a motto of mine, despite the fact that I have lifted it from their song out of context. “Paint the sky with silver lining” may have been delivered by Hurts as part of a moving love song, but to me it speaks of our need to create our own happiness and rely less on others to do it for us.


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