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First Fortnight 2012 part two

2012-01-15 00.40.25

Le Galaxie at the Button Factory

#2 I will say this for the organisers of First Fortnight – for their big Button Factory gig, they definitely go for an eclectic mix of acts! Cashier No 9 were on too early for me, and I only made it in time for Royseven and Le Galaxie. I reckon I’d find it difficult to think of two more disparate acts!

While Royseven are brilliant at what they do – radio friendly, unbelievably catchy pop – I was disappointed by the similarity of their set to the set I’d already seen them do at Sea Sessions and the Academy in 2011. There was some sense of going through the motions, right down to the flag bearing, but I may be being too critical.

I’ve a huge soft spot for Le Galaxie and they are rapidly becoming a staple for me – a guaranteed night of dancing led by their own exuberant on stage antics. Catch these guys live if you get the chance.

2012-01-14 23.41.53

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Royseven at the Button Factory

 2012-01-15 01.18.14

Le Galaxie at the Button Factory

 *Originally posted on on 01/08/12*

Rookie Mistake

# 28 – A rookie mistake of not charging my phone, and not bringing my camera led to me not getting any photos of my next December gig. I headed to see Mugic Happens again in the Button Factory (a nice book-end in a way to a year of gigs) and caught Andy Delamere and the Hip Necks Blues Collective. The latter are from Limerick and have an amazing singer, and an eclectic sound. Could be ones to watch.

*Originally posted on on 18/06/12*

Mugic Happens


Túcan at Mugic Happens

#5 – Mid-February I discovered another great opportunity to see Irish acts (and for free no less!) at Mugic Happens in the Button Factory. I headed to see Túcan, who I had previously seen at Sea Sessions in 2010, and they didn’t disappoint. These guys play as if they are extensions of each others bodies. Although their covers are pretty awesome, I feel it is their own stuff that steals the show.

On the same line-up was Enda Reilly and the hardest working band I have ever met – The Riptide Movement. They cropped up again and again during the course of my year of gigs, and they never disappointed. If you haven’t seen them yet, go see them before they go stratospheric, and deservedly so.

The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement at Mugic Happens

Enda Reilly

Enda Reilly at Mugic Happens

*please note that the photos will get better in the course of this blog – I started making more of an effort with them as I moved into the year!

*Originally posted on on 08/06/12*

First Fortnight 2011

Le Galaxie
Le Galaxie at First Fortnight 2011

#3 – Later in January 2011, I headed to First Fortnight to see Le Galaxie on the recommendation of my housemate at the time. Little did he know what he would start – I’ve been lucky enough to catch many more of these fabulously mental lads’ shows since then.

I have to admit that electronic music had never featured strongly on my playlist, as I have always had a tendency to gravitate towards more guitar driven acts. I had listened to whatever music of theirs that I could get my hands on prior to heading to the Button Factory, but was totally unprepared for their live show. They set a high bar for the acts that followed – Dark Room Notes, Codes and And So I Watch You From Afar – and I don’t think anyone else lived up to their standards.

Again, my crappy phone camera doesn’t do justice to the buzz of that gig, and to the addiction that was beginning to grow.

*Originally posted on on 06/06/12*