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Hard Working Class Heroes 2014



Planet Parade

Hard Working Class Heroes 2014 was a last minute festival addition for me – after thinking that I wasn’t going to be in a position to go, I was so delighted to be able to head along to two of the three nights. A really impressive line-up inevitably lead to clashes, but I was happy with the acts I got to see, particularly as HWCH 2014 was hit by some serious rain and bad weather which meant venue hopping was less than appealing.


Liza Flume

Featuring some of the best Irish acts around, Hard Working Class Heroes gives a great chance to catch bands that you might not think of seeing elsewhere. Some of my favourite acts to see now are ones that I first saw at Hard Working Class Heroes.

A Lazarus Soul




Vann Music


Maud in Cahoots20141003_232259

Ham Sandwich

Viking Project


While The Grand Social is challenged only by Upstairs in Whelans in terms of worst venue in which to take photos, it is a great venue for intimate gigs like The Viking Project album fundraiser. With a slightly different sound, and drummer Andy doing more vocals than previously, the Viking Project were great as always. If you haven’t seen them yet – do. That’s all there is to say.


Saucy Sundays


I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, as an avid gig-goer, but this was the first time I had actually made it along to Saucy Sundays in the Grand Social. This night is a brilliant, free showcase of Irish acts from all over the country and I have intended to go along so many times. But to be honest, Sunday is not the best night for me to be going to gigs, because it leaves me wrecked for work on Monday. However, it was worth being tired that particular Monday, cos it meant that I got to see a pretty brilliant line-up – The Apachis, Mark Black, Ross Breen, The Viking Project, Amidships and Sails. Needless to say, my highlight were the Viking Project. I hadn’t seen the lads in ages, and they, as always, were worth waiting for.


Mark Black 20140216_203540

Ross Breen 20140216_213848

The Viking Project


Amidships 20140216_232348Sails

The Eskies


The Eskies finally got around to releasing an EP in November – long awaited, and Sherry-go-round was worth waiting for. Selling out the Grand Social and filling it with friends and fans alike made for a euphoric sort of gig when it was coupled with their apparent relief at finally getting their music out there. Ending their gig with a toast to the crowd while the crowd enthusiastically toasted back was a fitting end to a fantastic gig. Ones to watch in my humble opinion.

20121123_224921 20121123_224938
*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*