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Bell X1 (thanks @goldenplec!)

A grand total of 5 days after the NCH show, it was off down to Cork to see Bell X1 in the Marquee, thanks to two tickets won from the wonderful people at Goldenplec. I love getting to go to different venues for gigs so this was a real treat – and any excuse to get down to Cork is good with me!


It was also a bit of a weird start to the show – as you all know by now, I am a big fan of Le Galaxie. I have seen them numerous times (17, I think, at last count) and generally love their shows. I have now discovered that Bell X1 fans from Cork may not share my love for them. Le Galaxie did their best, but the crowd seemed disinterested at best. Not the best choice as support (and not just because they deserve to be headlining shows like these) – this show really did not do the Le Galaxie awesomeness justice.




I also found that, for me, gigs like this are a better fit. The NCH show had been lovely, but I prefer being able to sing along, and move about, and have some craic, so the Marquee was way more up my alley. I also enjoyed the mix of old and new material and realised that there are some seriously die-hard Bell X1 fans out there! All in all, a great show – thanks Goldenplec!