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The Riptide Movement (part 1)

So anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I am a big fan of the Riptide Movement – and have seen them a few times at this stage (just a few, like!). Their two night stand in the Olympia was really a no-brainer. I hadn’t been able to go to their previous headline show in 2012 as it clashed with a wedding so I wasn’t going to miss this. Originally, I had planned to just go to one of the shows, but enjoyed the first one so much that I ended up going to the second as well!

I can’t say enough good things about these lads live – you’d be hard pressed to meet a nicer bunch and they deserve every success, of which a lot is coming their way!


20130524_202942Preachers Son getting the crowd warmed up!








Made to be on a stage like this! 20130524_223539


20130524_223728Explosive endings!

The Vaccines

20130408_211918The Vaccines have some brilliant songs and I was really looking forward to seeing them in their Olympia show. I had loved their set at E.P. 2012. While they were good, there was a sense of disconnect with the audience and they came across as a band going through the motions. I have to admit that I wouldn’t rush to see them again.



Band of Horses


Band of Horses in the Olympia were a much awaited gig for me – I’d bought the tickets months previously having wanted to see them for a couple of years. I’d come across their song The Funeral which sound tracked one of Danny MacAskill’s amazing BMX stunt videos. The Olympia was awash with plaid and the band were pitch perfect throughout, delighting the audience every step of the way. A beautiful cinematic backdrop and an encore from one of the boxes cemented them as one of my highlights of 2012.

20121117_211917 20121117_212737 20121117_213207 20121117_221202 20121117_224835 20121117_225952
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Choice Music Prize 2011

2012-03-08 21.54.03

Jape at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.38.28

Tieranniesaur at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.57.47

We Cut Corners at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.13.34

Japanese Popstars at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.27.48

Bell X1 at the Olympia Theatre

#5 March proved busier gig-wise, starting with my now annual trip to Choice Music Prize, for the first time in the Olympia rather than Vicar Street. I really find this a brilliant way to find new Irish acts to follow, or to remind me of acts that I sometimes push to the wayside.

As usual, this years  acts were an eclectic bunch, but a few gems in there kept me going on a night when I really should have been tucked up in bed with a manky chest infection. Not sure what I think of the single of the year comp yet – going to see what it is like in 2013 before I make a decision on whether I think it adds or detracts from the whole Choice vibe.

2012-03-08 20.35.56

Cashier No 9 at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.52.13

Pugwash at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.13.47

Patrick Kelleher and his cold dead hands at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.36.27

And So I Watch You From Afar at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.09.53

Lisa Hannigan at the Olympia Theatre

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The Coronas

Coronas gig 014

Coronas gig 019

The Coronas at the Olympia Theatre

# 27 – December was a seriously busy month. In addition to all the usual Christmas shenanigans that go on like parties, shopping, random drinks and dinners, etc, I also still had 5 more gigs to get to in order to reach my target. Getting so close and failing at the final hurdle would have been devastating, particularly as there had been a few other gigs that year that I had tickets for but couldn’t make for one reason or another.

The first of my December gigs was the Coronas in the Olympia, a gig which is becoming a bit of a Christmas habit at this stage. The support were from two favourites of mine – Bipolar Empire and The Kanyu Tree. Brilliant line-up, brilliant night, and no power cuts in 2011, which was a nice change after 2010!

Coronas gig 012

The Kanyu Tree at the Olympia Theatre

Coronas gig 005

Bipolar Empire at the Olympia Theatre

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Foster the People

Foster the People 001

# 26 – Last gig of November was a bit of an unknown – I went to see Foster the People in the Olympia based only on the strength of one single which I had heard and loved. It was a lucky gamble – the gig was absolutely brilliant. These lads know how to put on a slick, exciting show and they had the Olympia hopping. Will definitely try to catch them again if they ever come back to Ireland.

*Originally posted on on 17/06/12*