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Le Galaxie

2012-03-17 22.18.57

Le Galaxie at Twisted Pepper

2012-03-17 20.49.05

White Collar Boy at Twisted Pepper

2012-03-17 21.31.33

Daithi at Twisted Pepper

  #7 A drunken St Patrick’s Day of rugby was topped off by a drunken St Patrick’s Night of dancing like an idiot in Twisted Pepper to White Collar Boy, Daithi and Le Galaxie. A small and sticky venue was perfect for that night, although numerous technical difficulties for Le Galaxie did start to grate a little bit. They are still consistently good live, and at the top of my go-sees for 2012, along with a few others.

2012-03-17 22.12.42

2012-03-17 22.18.52

*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*