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Three things changed for me in 2010 though – and they in turn changed the way I approached my gig-going attitude.

1. I turned 30. There was no major crisis for me, but I did try to take a bit more stock of my life. I realised that the interests that give me most pleasure needed to be pushed more the fore.

2. Discovering gigs like Choice Music Awards started an itch that was soon to become too tempting not to scratch. Seeing the wealth of Irish music on my doorstep – not all of it to my taste, but all exciting nonetheless – and discovering the excitement that comes from getting a snippet of something and realising you want more, was irresistable.

3. Seeing an act that I had waited years to see – Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – and getting sick at the gig (winter vomiting bug coming on in Whelans, not pleasant), made me realise how deeply disappointed I was not to see the whole set. Listening to “Thou Shalt Always Kill” from the loos really wasn’t what I’d imagined and I was gutted. This wasn’t just “Oh, well, that was a pity” disappointment, this was “I feel like having a big snotty cry” disappointment.

I began to realise that maybe gigs were starting to mean more to me and I decided I needed to stop making excuses – ”I live too far from the city to make it into town easily, particularly on a work night”, “I have no-one to go with”, “I have no money”. At that time, music wasn’t a priority…and yet, each time I saw a live band and felt that buzz of discovering something new, or watched a band I hadn’t seen before and loved them, I realised it was something that I should make more of an effort to make a regular part of my life.

*Originally posted on on 06/06/12*