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2011 – The year of the gigs

So I made it to my target of 31 gigs in the year of my 31st birthday – and loved every second of it! It ignited my out and out love of live music, and highlighted just how amazing the wealth of quality Irish independent music there is at the moment. I think my addiction has taken hold but I reckon there are worse things to be addicted to than gigs!

*Originally posted on on 19/06/12*

Le Galaxie

2012-01-01 00.32.13

Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club

# 31 – Well, I scraped it in with gig number 31 on the 31st of December, but my New Year’s Eve outing ended up being one of my highlights of the year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve so the fact that there was no countdown (in fact no acknowledgement of the change of year whatsoever) was right up my alley!

Workman’s Club for Last Days of 1984, Tieranniesaur and Le Galaxie – a highly recommended way to welcome in a New Year!

2011-12-31 21.56.29

Last Days of 1984 at the Workmans Club

2011-12-31 22.46.57

Tieranniesaur at the Workmans Club

2011-12-31 23.42.11

*Originally posted on on 19/06/13*

Hot Press Jaegermeister Freezer sessions

2011-12-14 23.17.07

Le Galaxie at Crawdaddy

# 30 – My penultimate gig of 2011 was another awesome freebie – this time the Jaegermeister Hot Press Freezer sessions in the now sadly defunct Crawdaddy. What a line-up – Hot Sprockets, Spies (and my god can their lead singer belt out a song – amazing voice), the Riptide Movement and Le Galaxie. If only it hadn’t been on a work night, I would have been out for the night. Was never so gutted to have to sneak off for the last bus!

2011-12-14 21.03.12

The Hot Sprockets at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 21.40.20

Spies at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 22.20.39

The Riptide Movement at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 23.28.30

Le Galaxie at Crawdaddy

*Originally posted on on 19/06/12*

Rookie Mistake

# 28 – A rookie mistake of not charging my phone, and not bringing my camera led to me not getting any photos of my next December gig. I headed to see Mugic Happens again in the Button Factory (a nice book-end in a way to a year of gigs) and caught Andy Delamere and the Hip Necks Blues Collective. The latter are from Limerick and have an amazing singer, and an eclectic sound. Could be ones to watch.

*Originally posted on on 18/06/12*

The Coronas

Coronas gig 014

Coronas gig 019

The Coronas at the Olympia Theatre

# 27 – December was a seriously busy month. In addition to all the usual Christmas shenanigans that go on like parties, shopping, random drinks and dinners, etc, I also still had 5 more gigs to get to in order to reach my target. Getting so close and failing at the final hurdle would have been devastating, particularly as there had been a few other gigs that year that I had tickets for but couldn’t make for one reason or another.

The first of my December gigs was the Coronas in the Olympia, a gig which is becoming a bit of a Christmas habit at this stage. The support were from two favourites of mine – Bipolar Empire and The Kanyu Tree. Brilliant line-up, brilliant night, and no power cuts in 2011, which was a nice change after 2010!

Coronas gig 012

The Kanyu Tree at the Olympia Theatre

Coronas gig 005

Bipolar Empire at the Olympia Theatre

*Originally posted on on 18/06/12*

Foster the People

Foster the People 001

# 26 – Last gig of November was a bit of an unknown – I went to see Foster the People in the Olympia based only on the strength of one single which I had heard and loved. It was a lucky gamble – the gig was absolutely brilliant. These lads know how to put on a slick, exciting show and they had the Olympia hopping. Will definitely try to catch them again if they ever come back to Ireland.

*Originally posted on on 17/06/12*

Electric Six

November 2011 022

# 25 – This gig was a nice present – quite literally. I was given tickets to see Electric Six by KC from Today FM (thanks KC!) and was hugely impressed. From very fetching daddy dancing to press ups on stage via random “Irish” stories, their set was just brilliant and I was quite ashamed to admit to myself that I really only knew “High Voltage”! This has since been rectified and I’ve added more of their material to my playlist!

*Originally posted on on 17/06/12*


November 2011 018

# 24 – There were two trips to the Academy in November – the first one for Royseven supported by Bipolar Empire. This was my second time seeing Royseven and third time seeing Bipolar Empire. Royseven were clinically good, but had a much less exciting atmosphere than when I had seen them in Sea Sessions, while Bipolar Empire were impressive as usual!

*Originally posted on on 17/07/12*