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Fifth Place


@toeknee_wright was another discovery of 2012 for me. I had seen him before in And So I Watch You From Afar but Camden Crawl Dublin was my first chance to see him in his VerseChorusVerse guise. I was lucky enough to see him 4 times in 2012, giving him fourth place in my Most Seen in 2012. I already know I’ll have a chance to see him early in 2013 at First Fortnight Therapy Sessions. If you haven’t heard his stuff, check him out – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Fourth Place


@gypsyrabble were a new find for me in 2012, but I was lucky enough to see them 5 times at various gigs and festivals. Gypsy Rebel Rabble are a foot-stomping, rip-roaring posse that never fail to cheer me up – I just wish that their gigs didn’t tend to be on very late on work-nights!

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Third Place

2012-04-21 21.52.31

@theriptiderock sneak in next – I was lucky enough to see the highly talented Riptide Movement 6 times in 2012. As their star continues to rise, I wonder if I’ll get to see them as often in 2013 – tickets are already sorted for the May dates in the Olympia so at least I know I’ve that to look forward to!

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Joint First Place

 2012-01-15 00.40.25

@leGalaxie and @Raglans are tied for who I saw most frequently in 2012 – at a fairly impressive 9 times each. But what is interesting is that, while Le Galaxie have been favourites of mine for the last two-odd years, I saw Raglans for the first time at Vantastival in May of 2012. I also got to see a half-frozen Le Galaxie there, and despite the cold, it remains one of my highlights of 2012. Very, very different acts, but both brilliant. Hope to see a lot more of both of them in 2013 although the fact that both are doing so well makes me nervous that the opportunity may not arise to see them as frequently in 2013.

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2012 – best gig year ever

So as ye’ve all guessed by now, I’m pretty addicted to gig-going at this stage – seeing as my moniker on here is Gigaholic, it was probably fairly apparent! But trying to get up to date with my gig blog has made me realise quite how much I’ve packed into 2012 music-wise. A grand total of more than 40 gigs, including 10 festivals, has given me the best opportunity to see a wide range of acts, mostly home-grown but not exclusively Irish.

This made me wonder how many acts I’ve seen this year – a quick tot-up has pretty much blown me away. In 2012, I managed to see 154 different acts. This almost doubles what I saw last year, and I thought I’d done well then!

My next posts are going to be about the acts I got to see more than once, which is a good indication of my favourites from 2012. Most were new discoveries for me in 2012, but not all – some were favourites from previous years. There are also lots of acts I would have loved to have seen more than once, but the opportunity just never arose.

2013 is going to be a year of saving for me as I hope to travel a bit in early 2014 but I don’t think I’ll be able to sacrifice my gig-going altogether. The music scene in Ireland at the moment is too exciting for me to step away from it altogether. In a nutshell, I’d miss it too darn much.

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Kormac’s Big Band


Daithi at the Button Factory

And my final gig of 2012 – and a record breaking (well, for me anyway!) 43rd gig in a year – was DJ Kormac’s Big Band supported by Daithi. Another furnace like night in the Button Factory, but that didn’t detract from what have got to be the creators of some of the happiest music I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t think anyone could go to see them and leave in a bad mood. Here’s hoping I get to catch both acts again in 2013.


Kormac’s Big Band at the Button Factory

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Le Galaxie


Reid at the Workmans Club


The Last Days of 1984 at the Workman’s Club


Le Galaxie’s #Workmania Christmas shows in the Workman’s Club were brilliantly bonkers as only these lads can manage to pull off (well, can pull off and still manage to be cool as f*ck)! From the now traditional dispersion of glow-sticks to the what-will-hopefully-become-traditional Jurassic Park ending, the crowd went suitably mental. With support from Reid and Last Days of 1984, this was the sweatiest gig of 2012 for me, and I think was my favourite Le Galaxie gig yet.

20121221_232713 20121221_233918
Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club
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Verse Chorus Verse


Soak at the Workmans Club

 December also brought another chance to see VerseChorusVerse at a beautifully intimate gig in the Workman’s Club, supported by the disgustingly talented SOAK. Tony played a set sprinkled with old and new songs, and finished by coming off stage to give everyone there a copy of his EP. A genuinely nice bloke with talent in spades – one of the perks of having the opportunity to support Irish music is getting to see people like him perform.

Verse Chorus Verse at the Workman’s Club
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Echotape at Whelans


The Mighty Stef at Whelans

December started with Raglans in Whelans with support from The Mighty Stef and Echotape. Now Echotape may have been good, but we were more than a little distracted by the lead singer. Sunglasses indoors and trousers that tight did nothing for my attention levels, I’m afraid! The Mighty Stef did not disappoint – seriously talented lad. And then it was Raglans. I wasn’t sure what to expect after their line-up change, but they were fantastic as always. Already going on to bigger and better things (opening the Late Late Show a few weeks later is a sign of things to come), every time I get to catch these lads feels like a treat – I’ve a feeling that 2013 is going to be their year, and well deserved.




Raglans at Whelans

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The Riptide Movement

20121130_234204 20121130_234228 20121201_001321

Having missed The Riptide Movement in their sell-out Olympia gig, I definitely wasn’t going to miss their Navan gig! They played a stomper of a set to a lack-lustre crowd who warmed up eventually and began to get into it by the end. But this night will always be known as the night the speaker tried to kill JP – the finale to the show was one of the speakers falling and damn near breaking his foot. Don’t think that’s quite how the lads imagined they’d be finishing their set!

20121201_002730 20121201_002734 20121201_002737

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