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Verse Chorus Verse


Soak at the Workmans Club

 December also brought another chance to see VerseChorusVerse at a beautifully intimate gig in the Workman’s Club, supported by the disgustingly talented SOAK. Tony played a set sprinkled with old and new songs, and finished by coming off stage to give everyone there a copy of his EP. A genuinely nice bloke with talent in spades – one of the perks of having the opportunity to support Irish music is getting to see people like him perform.

Verse Chorus Verse at the Workman’s Club
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Echotape at Whelans


The Mighty Stef at Whelans

December started with Raglans in Whelans with support from The Mighty Stef and Echotape. Now Echotape may have been good, but we were more than a little distracted by the lead singer. Sunglasses indoors and trousers that tight did nothing for my attention levels, I’m afraid! The Mighty Stef did not disappoint – seriously talented lad. And then it was Raglans. I wasn’t sure what to expect after their line-up change, but they were fantastic as always. Already going on to bigger and better things (opening the Late Late Show a few weeks later is a sign of things to come), every time I get to catch these lads feels like a treat – I’ve a feeling that 2013 is going to be their year, and well deserved.




Raglans at Whelans

*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*

The Riptide Movement

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Having missed The Riptide Movement in their sell-out Olympia gig, I definitely wasn’t going to miss their Navan gig! They played a stomper of a set to a lack-lustre crowd who warmed up eventually and began to get into it by the end. But this night will always be known as the night the speaker tried to kill JP – the finale to the show was one of the speakers falling and damn near breaking his foot. Don’t think that’s quite how the lads imagined they’d be finishing their set!

20121201_002730 20121201_002734 20121201_002737

*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*

The Eskies


The Eskies finally got around to releasing an EP in November – long awaited, and Sherry-go-round was worth waiting for. Selling out the Grand Social and filling it with friends and fans alike made for a euphoric sort of gig when it was coupled with their apparent relief at finally getting their music out there. Ending their gig with a toast to the crowd while the crowd enthusiastically toasted back was a fitting end to a fantastic gig. Ones to watch in my humble opinion.

20121123_224921 20121123_224938
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Verse Chorus Verse at Mercantile


Empire Saints at the Mercantile

Next up was the second eLive, run by, held in the Mercantile. A free gig, this again highlighted for me just what a glut of highly talented musicians we have in Ireland at the moment. The fact that on a random Thursday night you can see some brilliant acts for free is amazing, but what confuses me altogether is the fact that the place was damn near empty. The show was streamed online so at least more people got to appreciate it than just the few of us who bothered to head in. The Irish gig-going audience sometimes makes me wonder.

Right, rant over. The treats on show that night were Twin Terrace (made up of some of the members of Storyfold along with others), VerseChorusVerse, who I would go to see any night of the week, and Empire Saints – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, and I look forward to catching them all again in 2013. I was disappointed to have to leave the show early – last buses wait for no-one after all.

Twin Terrace at the Mercantile
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Hot Press Guinness Play on the Day – National Final


Protobaby at Whelans


The Hot Sprockets at Whelans

The final of the Hot Press Guiness Play on the Day Final brought the winners of all the regional finals to Whelans for a head to head final. Protobaby, Hot Sprockets, The Calvinists and In Their Thousands all put on a great show, but the Donegal men were to go on to claim the crown.

The Calvinists at Whelans
In Their Thousands at Whelans (National Winners)
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Band of Horses


Band of Horses in the Olympia were a much awaited gig for me – I’d bought the tickets months previously having wanted to see them for a couple of years. I’d come across their song The Funeral which sound tracked one of Danny MacAskill’s amazing BMX stunt videos. The Olympia was awash with plaid and the band were pitch perfect throughout, delighting the audience every step of the way. A beautiful cinematic backdrop and an encore from one of the boxes cemented them as one of my highlights of 2012.

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