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Choice Music Prize 2011

2012-03-08 21.54.03

Jape at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.38.28

Tieranniesaur at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.57.47

We Cut Corners at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.13.34

Japanese Popstars at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.27.48

Bell X1 at the Olympia Theatre

#5 March proved busier gig-wise, starting with my now annual trip to Choice Music Prize, for the first time in the Olympia rather than Vicar Street. I really find this a brilliant way to find new Irish acts to follow, or to remind me of acts that I sometimes push to the wayside.

As usual, this years  acts were an eclectic bunch, but a few gems in there kept me going on a night when I really should have been tucked up in bed with a manky chest infection. Not sure what I think of the single of the year comp yet – going to see what it is like in 2013 before I make a decision on whether I think it adds or detracts from the whole Choice vibe.

2012-03-08 20.35.56

Cashier No 9 at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.52.13

Pugwash at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.13.47

Patrick Kelleher and his cold dead hands at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.36.27

And So I Watch You From Afar at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.09.53

Lisa Hannigan at the Olympia Theatre

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Joe Pug

Joe Pug

Joe Pug at the Sugar Club

#4 February was a quiet month for me, with only one gig. But what a gig it was. Joe Pug in the Sugar Club was a long awaited highlight for me, and his support act Bhi Bhiman was a similarly class act. Joe’s voice is something special and I hope I get to see him again at some point in the future.

Joe Pug

Joe Pug at the Sugar Club

Bhi Bhaiman

Bhi Bhaiman at the Sugar Club

*Originally posted on on 01/08/12*

Haiti Fest


The Riptide Movement at Whelans

#3 Next up was Haiti Fest in Whelans – randomly organised in part by the daughter of one of my old teachers, who I last remembered hiding under her mother’s desk in our classroom. A lovely night, with a mish mash of acts and a very friendly crowd. The Haitian contingent were dotes, most of whom I spoke to at some point or other in the night, quite frequently in the jacks!

First up were Storyfold, who I quite possibly mortally offended when I talked to frontman Paddy by mentioning the fact that the venue had been pretty empty. Sorry lads, no reflection on your music, just on the Irish gig-going crowd’s inability to get to a venue on time! There was a Haitian act up next, then crowd pleasers Bipolar Empire and The Riptide Movement, who were both brilliant, as expected. These two acts are so consistently slick, polished and enjoyable that many far more successful acts could learn a lot from them.

*Originally posted on on 01/08/12*

 Storyfold at WhelansRalph from Mogwai Ralph from Mawon at Whelans
Bipolar Empire
Bipolar Empire at Whelans
 The Riptide Movement at Whelans

First Fortnight 2012 part two

2012-01-15 00.40.25

Le Galaxie at the Button Factory

#2 I will say this for the organisers of First Fortnight – for their big Button Factory gig, they definitely go for an eclectic mix of acts! Cashier No 9 were on too early for me, and I only made it in time for Royseven and Le Galaxie. I reckon I’d find it difficult to think of two more disparate acts!

While Royseven are brilliant at what they do – radio friendly, unbelievably catchy pop – I was disappointed by the similarity of their set to the set I’d already seen them do at Sea Sessions and the Academy in 2011. There was some sense of going through the motions, right down to the flag bearing, but I may be being too critical.

I’ve a huge soft spot for Le Galaxie and they are rapidly becoming a staple for me – a guaranteed night of dancing led by their own exuberant on stage antics. Catch these guys live if you get the chance.

2012-01-14 23.41.53

2012-01-14 23.29.01

Royseven at the Button Factory

 2012-01-15 01.18.14

Le Galaxie at the Button Factory

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First Fortnight 2012

2012-01-11 23.02.39

The Late Fragments at the Workmans Club

#1 My first gig of 2012 set a nice tone for me, and a sense of continuity from 2011. First Fortnight, a charity challenging mental health stigma through the arts, is a cause close to my heart. People close to me have been affected by mental health difficulties, and I have experienced them myself.

The positivity employed in this whole two week festival speaks volumes to me and I think that this is the only way Ireland will move on from the difficulties its population has with discussing mental health. The Therapy Sessions was a brilliant mix of music and spoken word, and the small crowd added a sense of intimacy to the occasion.

2012-01-11 21.56.58

Pearse McLoughlin at the Workmans Club
2012-01-12 00.35.23

Our amazing pledge t-shirts

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2012 – Onwards and upwards

So 2011 set the tone for 2012, and I hope for many years to come. I haven’t set any music related resolutions for 2012, apart from to get to as many music festivals as I can make/afford! I’m going to continue to use this blog to post my gig photos cos I hate seeing them just sitting on my laptop. I also got a better phone, so the photos are improving as well!

*Originally posted on on 19/06/12*