So, I’m a bit behind…

So I fluctuate hugely between being on time, a few gigs behind and so far behind that it becomes embarrassing!

  • 5th March Choice Music Prize
  • 7th March Vann Music
  • 16th March Little Green Cars/Delorentos/We Cut Corners
  • 21st March Columbia Mills
  • 25th March All Tvvins
  • 27th March Booka Brass Band
  • 2nd April Hail The Ghost
  • 4th April Tucan
  • 4th April King Kong Company
  • 9th April The Mariannes
  • 16th April Tomorrows
  • 24th/25th April Le Galaxie
  • 29th April Meteor Choice 10th Anniversary
  • 9th May Canalaphonic
  • 15th May Yes Equality gig
  • 23rd May Mother Dublin night
  • 31st May King Kong Company
  • 10th June Hot Press Big Break Live
  • 11th June Paddy Casey
  • 19th – 21st June Body & Soul
  • 25th June Delorentos
  • 9th July Hermitage Green
  • 23rd July Damien Dempsey
  • 13th August The Human League
  • 21st October Songhoy Blues
  • 29th October The Academic
  • 30th October Cry Monster Cry
  • 14th November Songbeat feat Valerie Francis and Conor Deas
  • y

One thought on “So, I’m a bit behind…

  1. And tonight you will be one further behind – Whoop Whoop. It just means you are busy enjoying the music rather than writing about it!!

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