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Shouting at Planes


Any of you who have been reading since the Whelans Ones to Watch festival way back in 2011 might remember that I really rated Shouting at Planes as being absolutely brilliant. But I haven’t seen them in ages, so their St Jude EP launch was going to be an interesting one – would they be as good as I remembered? Well, yes, they were. These lads have amazing harmonies, and some really stand out songs. Even their (strong!) Cavan accents add to their charm, and they seemed to have brought a fair chunk of Cavan with them to Whelans if the crowd were anything to go by! Their support act, Red Queen Contest, who I had seen previously at Haiti Fest, were also really good, and I wouldn’t mind trying to catch them again. Shouting at Planes – still ones to watch, in my book. And Aodhan was right, the pic of Liam on the CD does have a decidedly cycloptic element to it!

Red Queen ContestRed Queen Contest



Miracle Bell

Miracle BellMiracle Bell at the Academy 2

#10 – My final gig of March 2011, was Miracle Bell in the Academy 2, with support from Melés Melés and Shouting at Planes – a lucky lineup for me, bearing in mind it gave me the chance to see two of my ones to watch from the Whelans Ones to Watch shows in January.


SHOUTING AT PLANES! at the Academy 2

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Whelans’ Ones to Watch 2011

Shouting at Planes

Shouting at Planes at Whelans Ones to Watch 2011

#1 & #2 – January kicked off with two days at the Whelans Ones to Watch weekend. A crappy phone camera did nothing to capture the talent that was on show.

I went purely to see Miracle Bell, who I had seen supporting The Coronas in the Olympia in December 2010 (and ended up getting to see twice due to a rather unfortunate power cut on Dame Street which led to the gig being rescheduled four songs into the Corona’s set – there are only so many songs you can play acoustically in darkness!).

But I also caught Sarah Gleeson, The Man Whom, Owensie, Ivan St John, SHOUTING AT PLANES!, Lost Chord, Hired Hands, and Strait Laces.

Because of this, I ended up adding another three talented Irish bands to my list of ones to watch out for – The Man Whom, Shouting at Planes, and Strait Laces, were all brilliantly different, but appealed to me, and whet my appetite for the sheer variety of Irish talent on our doorstep. It also brought home to me just how much music is created in Ireland independently or through small home grown labels, a fact that I had been pretty much ignorant of until then.

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